Account Credits

i-movo Secure Digital Vouchers can be used to deliver Account Credits (worth up to £100) to consumers, quickly, easily and at low cost.

Major UK utilities companies use this system to provide credits, rebates or cash payments to their customers all across the UK.

700,000 customers of British Gas, E.ON and EDF Energy have all been offered energy credits, by their supply, using i-movo secure digital vouchers.

These can be distributed via text messages, emails or letters. Customers need only to visit their local PayPoint store to receive their cash payments up front. This makes for a quick and easy redemption process and increases customer satisfaction.

Critically, each voucher is validated in real-time so there is no risk of duplication.

Business Benefits

  • Improved the quality of services
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Real-time validation mitigates risk of fraud
  • Retailers who redeem vouchers are automatic reimbursed within 6 days
  • Quick and easy set-up: no new software of hardware is required
  • Get cash to consumers, fast
  • Reduced costs