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Seeing double: Online and offline integration

01 November 2012 • Marketing Week The growing trend of dual screening – consumers using devices such as laptops and smartphones while watching TV – is providing new opportunities for brands to increase engagement.

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Grolsch Beer: Interactive Multi-Screen Ads

01 September 2012 • Digital Buzz Blog This Grolsch multi-screen campaign is an interesting example of extending a TVC into interactive an online video and mobile experience, that in turn drives retail foot traffic.

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Grolsch Big Bold

06 July 2012 • BMB Agency THE BUSINESS PROBLEM Grolsch needs to re-establish its premium credentials in an era when many credible beers are vying for the attention of beer drinkers. THE IDEA

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How to Blag Yourself Some Grolsch Beer

06 July 2012  • By Kate Hannaford Grolsch is running a cute advertising campaign to “relaunch the brand as a premium world beer” according to some black-framed glasses-wearing marketing experts, but all you really need to know is: FREE BEER.

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Raiffeisen Bank to offer Secure Digital Voucher Service: Mkupon

05 July 2012 • i-movo Press Release Raiffeisen Bank Albania, part of the Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group who have an extensive presence across Central and Eastern Europe, has announced their implementation of i-movo’s Secure Digital Voucher service on the bank’s POS terminal network.

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