Case Studies

Brands & Retailers


Faleminderit: Virtual Loyalty

Implementing a scheme to increase consumer loyalty in a range of major retailers in Albania. Customers earn points each time they shop, which are exchanged for cash-value digital vouchers.

Key Store Logo

Keystore: Digital Marketing

Using social media, text messages, and location-based targeting to increase customer loyalty and access basket-level data to measure campaign effectiveness.

Jose Cuvero Logo

Cuervo de Mayo: Mobile Marketing

Pioneering use of mobile ticketing to encourage the target audience to attend a branded event.

Lucozade Logo

Lucozade: Edge Pledge

Outdoor and radio campaign to encourage consumers during the afternoon energy lull to ‘Get their edge back’ with a free Lucozade Energy drink. Drinks were distributed by secure mobile vouchers and were redeemable at more than 20,000 retailers and included automatic settlement.

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola: Targeted Local Marketing

An in-store sampling campaign supported by POS that encouraged product trial of Fanta, Sprite and Dr. Pepper and delivered a redemption rate of 87%.

Nike Logo

Nike: Ticketing Transformed

An innovative ticketing solution, which issued digital tickets to mobile phones, and ensured entrant security at a hugely popular event.

Wild Bean Cafe logo

Wild Bean Café: Multi-Channel Success

Worlds first Secure Digital Voucher campaign to use the standard card payment infrastructure for redemption. It received a viral boost when mentioned during a radio breakfast show with an audience of 5 million.

Coorslight Logo

Coors Light: Cold Caller

A through-the-line campaign in which website traffic from the TV advert gave consumers a chance to receive a ‘Cold Call’ from Jean Claude Van Damme and a voucher to try a 4-pack of Coors Light. Careful and continuous monitoring gave Molson Coors maximum value for their marketing budget.

Walkers Logo

Walkers: Gary’s Great Ingredient Hunt

Developing an ‘instant win’ promotion of cash and product prizes for consumers as part of the largest, most ambitious marketing campaign ever launched for Walkers in the UK.