Coors Light: A Damme Fine Campaign


In 2012 the brewer, Molson Coors, needed to re-establish Grolsch’s premium credentials at a time when many credible alternatives are vying for the attention of beer drinkers.


A TV campaign encouraged consumers to visit the Grolsch website and see the online video. This contained prompts for the viewer to communicate with the fictional onscreen detective ‘Journt’ by text message to see if he recognised them. If Journt did, he offers to buy them a Grolsch. The winners were then sent an i-movo voucher in the form of a text message containing a mobile internet link which works on any phone with a browser. The voucher was valid across all PayPoint retailers stocking Grolsch.


Careful and continuous monitoring of the key ratios of entrants, winners and redemption rates combined with variations in voucher validity allowed i-movo to manage the campaign such that the allocated budget was spent exactly giving Molson Coors maximum value for their marketing budget. Combined with absolute financial control and protection of the brand, the campaign also gave visibility of consumer behaviour by showing where and when each voucher was used.