Cuervo de Mayo: Mobile Marketing


To raise awareness of the brand and promote it’s rich and authentic Mexican heritage, Cuervo developed a brand experience event called “Cuervo de Mayo” at London’s Scala Club. We were briefed to design a series of mobile marketing activities to identify and invite consumers to this amazing event.


Through an advertising campaign consumers were invited to send a text into i-movo with the correct spelling of Cuervo and their date of birth. We then sent winners a text message asking them to reply with the keyword ‘Gold’ to accept their invitation and claim their unique numbered ticket. It was vital to control the issue of tickets to winners only to ensure Scala would be full, without breaching any safety regulations.


On the night it was essential only genuine ticket holders gained access to Scala. To verify each SMS ticket we used the i-movo application on a wireless handheld device. With each ticket processed in seconds and duplicates immediately identified and dealt with, it did not take Scala long to fill up.