Walkers – Gary’s Great Ingredient Hunt


To allow a true ‘instant win’ mechanic for consumers as part of the largest, most ambitious marketing campaign ever launched for Walkers in the UK.


Every one of 160 million bags featuring the on-pack promotion was eligible for a prize including ‘instant win’ cash prizes in various denominations up to £100 cash as well as multi-pack and single bags of Walkers crisps, and a national newspaper. Winning consumer were instantly sent a branded i-movo voucher by SMS or email that included a storefinder. The barcoded voucher was then processed by the retailer and the customer given their product or cash prize, straight from the retailers till.


The ‘instant win’ promise of the promotion was upheld fully with consumers frequently claiming their prize during the same shopping visit as the initial purchase of the product. i-movo Secure Digital Vouchers meant retailers were guaranteed automatic reimbursement within a week, without any manual claims process, and also – as a distributor of prizes –benefited from positive customer perception.