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Clear Channel UK, Financial Times and i-movo partner to bring secure digital vouchers to the Mobile Platform

11 October 2013 • Media Alert

Clear Channel UK has partnered with the Financial Times and i-movo to deliver digital vouchers to the ‘Adshel 2.0’ Mobile Platform. The innovative partnership will mean consumers who tap or scan the interactive tags at Adshel panels carrying FT advertisements will receive a digital voucher giving them five free copies of the newspaper at one of over 50,000 retailers nationwide.

The campaign, which launches this week uses directional creative to invite the public to ‘tap or scan’ their smartphone to receive a voucher for five free copies of the FT newspaper in exchange for an agreement to be contacted to discuss their reader experience and a potential no-obligation subscription offer. Once the customer has received their secure digital voucher, they will be able to use the in-built facility to find the location of the nearest participating

The retailer, who simply scans the voucher barcode using their PayPoint, Payzone or epay terminal, is reimbursed within six days.

Digital vouchers are the latest innovation on Clear Channel’s Mobile Platform, which uses Near Field Communications (NFC) and QR codes to allow the public to access content such as video clips, games and promotions; and services such as maps and real time journey information at their bus stop.

“This is a really exciting development for Clear Channel’s Mobile Platform,” said Will Ramage, Business Development Director, Clear Channel UK. “We knew we were leading the market when we launched the platform earlier this year and it’s fascinating to constantly discover new ways in which we can use mobile to deepen engagement with consumers and reward them for their interest.”

“This new proposition from Clear Channel and i-movo allows us to stimulate immediate trial of the FT newspaper using high-impact outdoor advertising, combined with mobile and locationbased
technology” said Peter Simpson, Head of Marketing Operations at the Financial Times. “We are always looking to measure the return-on-investment of our marketing activity across all channels and this initiative helps us do exactly that.”

The new partnership is part of Clear Channel’s strategy to open the Mobile Platform to innovative third-party technology providers.

“Outdoor is a very important media choice for many of the brands that use our service” said David Tymm, CEO, i-movo. “Clear Channel’s implementation of NFC and QR codes is elegant and pragmatic. We found we could just plug-and-play our secure digital vouchering
system directly into their network leading to a very smooth consumer journey all the way from first seeing the advertisement to buying the product in store.”

Clear Channel’s Mobile Platform is supported by a full reporting network to help brands effectively track responses. As i-movo’s digital vouchers are unique to each person the campaign will allow even richer data to be gathered including conversion rates, uptake of the promotion by area and distance travelled to redeem the voucher.

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