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‘Fanta’, ‘Sprite’ and ‘Dr Pepper’ launches national sampling campaign

Mobile phone vouchers allow instant participation

Coca-Cola Great Britain today launched a mobile voucher scheme, provided by PayPoint and i-movo, to allow consumers to try a free 500ml bottle of ‘Fanta’, ‘Sprite’ or ‘Dr Pepper’.

Consumers visiting any of the planned 10,000 participating retailers will see point-of-sale display materials inviting them to take part by sending a text message. They will then receive a text-message voucher that can be exchanged immediately, via the PayPoint terminal in each store, for a free 500ml bottle of ‘Fanta’, ‘Sprite’ or ‘Dr Pepper’. Each consumer may request up to five vouchers but only one per day. Each participating store will take part in the promotion for a period of four weeks.

Zoe Howorth, of Coca-Cola Great Britain, said “PayPoint and i-movo create a national marketing network that allows us to activate promotions in the Impulse channel across both independent and branded retailers. As each i-movo voucher is validated online, this offers us complete security and allows us to measure the results in real-time. Consequently, we can drive high levels of engagement with our target consumers at the point-of-sale which is where the majority of purchase decisions are made in this category. Encouraging consumers to try these three products free-of-charge is an important first step in creating a long-term relationship with them.”

i-movo is the only secure digital voucher system using existing payment technology deployed across a wide-range of retailers and used daily by many brands. According to David Tymm, CEO at i-movo “When retailers accept one of our vouchers, they get paid automatically by PayPoint in a week or less without any voucher-counting or form-filling. Our system is very easy for both brands and retailers to use, with minimal effort on their part.”

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