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Gadgets4Everyone announces Cash for Everyone

28 August 2012 • A revolutionary new way to pay customers

Gadget4Everyone offers a service allowing people to sell their old mobile phones, music players and games consoles. The service was launched in 2011 by 19 year-old Sam Hargreaves who began his business with £5,000 borrowed from friends and family.

Since then, Gadgets4Everyone has now recycled over a million devices. This spectacular growth and entrepreneurial talent has caught the eye of local members of parliament including Theresa May and Vince Cable. Gadgets4Everyone has recently won an award for its outstanding achievement in the Local Business Accelerators campaign backed by Deborah Meaden from BBC TV’s ‘Dragons Den’.

As part of their development, Gadgets4Everyone is introducing an innovative new way to pay customers. Until now, people selling their gadgets had to wait for a cheque or a BACS transfer, both of which require the involvement of a bank and a bank account. The new method allows customers to collect cash directly from a local shop on the same day that Gadgets4Everyone processes an order. The new payment service is provided by i-movo, the secure digital voucher specialists, and PayPoint, which runs similar cash payment schemes for some of the UK’s leading energy companies across its network of 24,000 UK retailers.

“Cash is king. Offering cash as a means of payment will keep customers coming back to Gadgets4Everyone, and the sheer convenience of PayPoint stores in terms of number and location makes PayPoint the ideal network to use to pay out cash,” said Sam Hargreaves. “Everyone wins. It works for customers as a fast and convenient way of getting paid, and retailers benefit from footfall with money to spend, as well as reducing their own bank charges by recycling their cash.”
Gadgets4Everyone recently launched a white-label version of the service for schools and universities and the response has been astounding with thousands of sign-ups for the scheme since launch. As Sam Hargreaves explains: “The service allows students and parents to make money from their old gadgets, as well as raising money to support their schools and colleges. We’re looking forward to welcoming many more schools and colleges as the popularity of the service grows and word spreads”. Establishments interested in taking part can contact gadgets4everyone by email at

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