Grolsch Big Bold

06 July 2012 • BMB Agency


Grolsch needs to re-establish its premium credentials in an era when many credible beers are vying for the attention of beer drinkers.


Grolsch has a distinctive flavour profile that stands out from its rivals. The big, bold flavour is delivered discretely behind a quirky, Dutch exterior. While other beers shout, with nothing to back it up, Grolsch is a beer that is big on the inside.

BMB brought ‘big on the inside’ to life with a creative campaign featuring Dutch legends that never speak a word. From the start we planned this as a multi-screen campaign with an interactive video and mobile experience that both extends and seeds the TV creative. The TV and interactive are hosted on our new responsive Grolsch website.

The mobile experience is receiving on average 2000 unique visits a day. They spend on average over 4 minutes on the website and many of them are sharing the link on Facebook and Twitter. Brand and business metrics still to come, post campaign.

Read the case study and see the accompanying videos at:

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