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i-movo and Wapple deliver secure digital barcode vouchers to your mobile

Revolutionary mobile barcode solution made possible using new WAPL mark-up language

i-movo, the world’s leading provider of secure digital voucher systems, is working with Wapple ( to create unique barcode vouchers that are delivered to mobile phones and can be redeemed at retail outlets across the UK.  The innovative solution has been made possible using Wapple’s new XML-based mark-up language, WAPL (Wapple Application Programming Language), which enables the rapid development and deployment of genuine device independent applications.

By using WAPL, the digital barcodes can be delivered to, optimised and displayed accurately on over 50,000 different mobile phones and devices using the mobile internet. This means that the mobile vouchers can be scanned quickly and easily at the point of sale to redeem goods, services or mobile ticketing, for example.

Brands such as The Evening Standard, Wild Bean Café and The Daily Mail have already used i-movo digital voucher technology. But until now, some 30,000 retailers across the UK involved in the scheme have had to type in a unique code sent to the customer’s phone via SMS.

“Thanks to Wapple, simply being able to scan barcodes directly from a mobile device fully automates our voucher redemption process and is much faster for retailers to use,” said David Tymm, CEO, i-movo. “Our traditional strength in understanding in real-time who is using the vouchers, where and when, remains.”

One of the main problems i-movo faced was making sure that the barcode vouchers could be displayed accurately on any mobile phone, with so many different variations of screen size, hardware and software. In addition, clients had asked how brands could be better represented on mobile devices by displaying full colour logos and photographs, for example.

“We wanted to develop an ‘enhanced’ version of our Secure Digital Vouchers but our experience was that MMS and Picture Messages do not display consistently across handsets and do not work at all on devices like the iPhone and Blackberry. If a barcode is in any way corrupted or distorted it won’t scan, so it appeared an impossible task,” said David Tymm. “But the unique combination of WAPL and the Wapple ExhibitTM device profiling technology offers us a one-stop solution for reliable delivery of our new Enhanced Secure Digital Vouchers. This new service is available immediately across the 21,000 PayPoint retailers in the UK.

“With more than 100 new device and software combinations appearing every month, i-movo needs complete confidence that its vouchers are optimised for any existing mobile device and also that new devices are supported as soon as they come on the market,” said Anne Thomas, COO at Wapple. “For this application, it is also critical that the barcodes scan reliably to provide a good experience for consumers and retailers.”


About i-movo (

i-movo was founded in 2003 with the singular aim to provide a digital voucher service that can be implemented by any retailer without the need for additional hardware or expensive custom software development.

Five years on i-movo is the world’s only secure digital voucher system using existing payment technology deployed across multiple retailers and used daily by multiple brands.

For more information please contact:

David Tymm, CEO, i-movo, Tel: 0207 960 2571,

About Wapple (

Established in 2004, Wapple has become a leading force in the mobile internet market.  Wapple’s award-winning design and publishing platform makes it easy to create highly functional and scalable mobile internet sites; while its dynamic profiler and delivery engine ensures that sites are automatically optimized for any mobile phone PDA or games console. Wapple combines its market leading technology with its skills and expertise to deliver complete mobile internet publishing solutions for any size of organization.

For more information please contact:

Allie Andrews, PRPR, Tel: 01442 245030,

Anne Thomas, COO, Wapple, Tel: 01527 558247,,

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