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‘i-movo’ makes secure mobile marketing a reality

Trusted mobile marketing comes of age as new communication platform is launched to deploy and evaluate campaigns in real time

Conchango has launched i-movo, the first marketing platform to allow marketers to distribute “Secure Mobile Vouchers” of real value to consumers without the risk of fraud and provide real-time campaign tracking.

The i-movo Mobile Transaction System (MTS) enables time sensitive, narrowcast communication with consumers who can order and receive mobile vouchers in a matter of minutes and redeem them instantly. Because the technology tracks each coupon from issue to redemption, retailers overcome the problem of void or counterfeit vouchers. Campaign success is measured in minutes, allowing marketers to conduct better, targeted outreach and achieve greater return on investment.

Unlike other mobile coupon redemption schemes, i-movo does not require retailers to change or reinvest in their point of sale (PoS) terminals. A wide range of redemption options are also available, all of which use existing technology or infrastructure.

i-movo is available to 95% of mobile phones used in the UK and the concept has been validated by 53 out of 54 high street retailers, CPG manufacturers and loyalty scheme operators approached during the development of the technology. Backed by Conchango, a leading UK interactive agency and technology consultancy, i-movo has been engineered to satisfy the exacting of brand owners and consumers alike.

“i-movo MTS is a solution for enabling mobile transactions that requires no capital investment and can be used by business professionals rather than technologists”. said David Tymm, CEO at i-movo. “Marketing campaigns of significant value to consumers can be launched in minutes and their success monitored in real-time”

David da Silva, principal consultant at Conchango added: “The mobile marketing channel currently suffers from a lack of confidence. There is no brand that consumers trust to safeguard communication integrity and privacy based on opt-in preferences. i-movo plans to change all that.”

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