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Fixed Fees & Guaranteed Results

This paper describes a new approach to FMCG product sampling: less expensive, instant, campaigns with local or national coverage, precise targeting, fixed fees and guaranteed results.


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Whenever I have the time, I pick up the printed version of the newspaper. I wish I could do this all the time, but our lives are not like that anymore.
“Steve Jobs, 09 October 2011.

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Many companies need to make small to medium value payments (£1 to £100) to their customers for a variety of reasons: Utility companies are choosing to pay customers cash loyalty bonuses…



In the 1960s retailing was a predominantly local business. The corner store grocer knew his customers well: he knew their names, their shopping habits, what they liked to buy and when.

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Online Voucher Distribution

Use of secure digital vouchers is growing quickly, especially in industries such as FMCG, newspapers, utilities and ticketing. The advantages of digital vouchers are clear: instant, low-cost distribution combined…


Bridging the gap. Closing the loop.

While great brands are easy to recognise, in an increasingly competitive market the relationship between brand image and market share is becoming an ever more important measurement.