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Leading EPoS provider in Convenience Retailing embraces mobile vouchers

17 May 2012 • i-movo Press Release

SPEDI Norcon, the company who introduced electronic ordering to the UK convenience retail market are integrating their SPEDI-PoS system to i-movo’s Secure Digital Voucher platform.

This means the 4,000 checkouts across the UK using the company’s software will be able to accept the digital vouchers issued by i-movo on behalf of leading FMCG brands, utilities and publishers. In doing so, SPEDI Norcon will become the first company to offer such a service across a range of retailers using the Electronic Point-of-Sale (EPoS) system used for scanning purchases and taking payments.

“i-movo has become the de-facto standard for all forms of digital voucher in the UK convenience retail sector and we have the most comprehensive EPoS solution for convenience stores and newsagents” said Kim Laws, Director at SPEDI Norcon. “Having pioneered the use of EDI in this market nearly thirty-years ago, we are delighted to continue this tradition of innovation by offering our customers access to the i-movo service. i-movo is easy to integrate with as it uses proven retail technology standards and processes.”

“This is a model implementation of a Secure Digital Voucher solution” commented David Tymm, CEO of i-movo. “The SPEDI-PoS solution will provide lightning fast transaction times and prevent ‘misredemption’ which is the use of a voucher for the wrong product or when it has expired. Misredemption has concerned the marketing services and retail community for years but this solution will ensure 100% compliance. In addition, SPEDI Norcon is the market-leader for specialist high-volume newsagents and convenience stores so it was essential that we partner with them to maximise our coverage of this market sector”.

About SPEDI Norcon: 

SPEDI Norcon is the merger of two leading technology companies in the UK Convenience Retail market. The companies were formed in the early 1980s with SPEDI pioneering EPoS and Supply Chain solutions and Norcon responsible for ‘News Slave’, the market-leading system for high volume, specialist news & magazine retailers. Both have an enviable reputation for innovation and excellent customer service, SPEDI Norcon has emerged as a strong contender as a solution provider for convenience stores groups of between 5 and 500 stores. For more information please contact Kim Laws, Director, SPEDI Norcon, Tel: 0208 336 4900 or

About i-movo:   

i-movo was founded in 2003 with the singular aim to provide a secure digital voucher service that can be implemented by any retailer without the need for additional hardware or expensive custom software development. Nine years on i-movo is the world’s only secure digital voucher system using existing payment technology deployed across multiple retailers and used daily by multiple brands. For more information please contact: David Tymm, CEO, i-movo, Tel: 0207 960 2571,,

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