Major suppliers line up to back new MyShop indie retailer app

23 August 2014 • The Grocer

Some of the UK’s biggest fmcg suppliers are throwing their weight behind a new reward scheme aimed at building brand loyalty among independent retailers.

The MyShop app, launched by shopper insight expert Reach this month, allows manufacturers to engage with retailers through targeted promotions that earn cash rewards.

The App sends deals to retailers and allocates loyalty payments that can be redeemed via PayPoint. Retailers simply make their order as usual through their wholesaler, before uploading the receipt to the app, which then triggers a reward. MyShop is free of charge to independents and is being piloted by Unilever, which currently has 72 deals on offer. Reach client development director Matt Lloyd said Premier Foods would be also sign up in September.

“Because we get visibility of the data we can show manufacturer who’s brought things,” he said. “It’s targeted and cost-effective.”

Downloaded already by 300 retailers, the app was designed to supplement deals from the wholesalers and would enable suppliers to identify and target low market share areas, he added.

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