PaperPay: The Newspaper Voucher App


To attract and retain readers by offering a cashless purchase option for UK national and regional newspapers, without the need to commit to a full subscription and without newsagents incurring credit and debit card fees.


Trinity Mirror conceived and built the PaperPay app that was released on Apple and Android in 2013. The app allows the reader to register a credit card and then choose from a range of titles which they might buy at some point. Each title is represented as a unique i-movo voucher barcode in the app and verified by any of the 50,000 participating retailers to pay for the paper.


Readers can buy the newspapers they want, when they want and without carrying cash. They have their purchases aggregated into a single line item on their credit card or bank statement once a month. Retailers benefit from additional newspaper sales and the footfall that goes with it, without having to pay any merchant service charges to banks or payment terminal operators.