Telegraph Media Group: Making Life Simple for Newsagents


Newsagents were spending too much time manually collating vouchers and then posting them to a handling house as part of the Telegraph Media Groups Home News Delivery service. It was an inefficient use of the newsagent’s time and impacted their cash-flow as retailers must pay the newspaper wholesaler ahead of receiving reimbursement from the newspaper issuing the vouchers.


Each week i-movo were notified of all subscribers expecting delivery of The Telegraph. This information was then communicated to stores by email. Each store was sent a plastic card with a magnetic strip on the back and a barcode printed on the front. To claim their weekly payment the store simply had to swipe the card through their PayPoint terminal. A receipt showed how much that retailer would be credited and they received payment within 6 days.


From spending a day manually collating and posting vouchers, the entire time-consuming process was condensed into a single swipe of a magnetic-stripe card.