Mobile marketing campaign produces right results for Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s latest UK mobile marketing campaign has impressed both retailers and consumers.

The soft drinks giant returned to one of the simplest marketing concepts of all to promote its products this summer – the giveaway.

But, this was a little more hi-tech than printing a coupon in a newspaper and hoping for the best.

Coca-Cola placed point of sale promotional material in shops which are part of the PayPoint network, asking consumers to send a text message to request a voucher for a free drink.

A unique voucher code was sent by return, allowing the consumer to collect a bottle of Sprite, Fanta or Dr Pepper while in the shop, subject to it being verified by the PayPoint technology.

Ed Knight, head of communications for Coca-Cola, told Mobile Marketing Magazine, the campaign had proved successful, largely because it was so simple for everyone involved.

“The feedback we have received from retailers and consumers alike has been relentlessly positive and the campaign itself has been both a commercial and technical success,” said Mr Knight.

Coupons are becoming an increasingly common feature of mobile marketing campaigns, with major brands like Unilever and US supermarket chains such as Randalls already experimenting with them

Is mobile the most effective channel for promotional giveaways?

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