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Mobile marketing cashes in on ATMs

i-movo Limited, the mobile marketing company, has reached an agreement with Felix Group plc, the company which runs the ‘Everyone’s a Winner’ sales promotion scheme, to enable i-movo SMS vouchers to be redeemed at multi-function kiosks featuring ATMs.

Felix will issue and redeem SMS prize vouchers via the new kiosks as part of the sales promotion. The facility will also be made available to other consumer brands to redeem coupons from mobile marketing promotions through the i-movo application.

i-movo’s platform issues a mobile promotion voucher, containing an individual identification number, which is delivered to mobile handsets via SMS. The consumer then types in the unique ID number at any of the new kiosks and if the number is valid a voucher is printed out. The electronic nature of the transaction ensures that the voucher cannot be used more times than is permitted by the issuer, and is limited to participating retailers within the duration of the promotion.

The paper voucher generated by the kiosk is very quick for staff to handle but unlike traditional vouchers, does not leave the premises as reconciliation and settlement are  fully automated via the i-movo system.

Also, by providing analysis and detailed reports in real time campaign managers can track results and amend the details of the promotion accordingly to ensure the campaign is as effective as possible.

“Consumers will have the ability to redeem vouchers for a variety of promotions run by i-movo in support of our ‘Everyone’s a winner’ proposition,” said Andy Egan, CEO at Felix. “This innovation represents real value to consumers and an additional revenue stream for us.”

“Time-to-serve is critical in all retail environments,” said David Tymm, managing director at i-movo. “Nowhere is this more so than where cash-payments are the norm such as hospitality and leisure locations. i-movo vouchers are quicker to handle than cash and provide all the security and efficiency that only an electronic system can deliver.”

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