In-Store Promotions

Bridging The Gap. Closing The Loop.

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Secure digital vouchers

A single payments solution with a limitless range of applications.

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Unmatched versatility

Distribution using mobile phone, email, direct mail, payment cards and all contactless methods.

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Total UK coverage

Our vouchers can be used at over 60,000 participating retailers, covering 99.1% of the UK population.

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Market leader

Nearly 300 successful campaigns delivered since 2003.

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Positive feedback

Over 97% of consumers very satisfied with our service.

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Real-time reporting

Instant feedback on the success of your campaign, down to where and when each voucher is used.

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Notification of UK Patent Grant to i-movo

The UK Patent Office has decided patent application GB2435342 complies with the Patents Act 1977 and subsequent Patent Rules 1995 and so has granted this patent, effective 28 January 2009.

The broad claims of the patent address i-movo’s optimised method for establishing the validity of a digital voucher in real-time.

Consequently, we look forward to further growth working with our Alliance Partners in our direct operations and also through franchise and licensing opportunities in markets we do not currently serve.

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