Our Services

i-movo secure digital vouchers benefit all kinds of businesses, across a wide range of industries, and deliver real value, fast. i-movo is a secure, yet simple, and cost-effective solution, which has proven to increase sales, generate loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction.

The system can be used to distribute and track promotional offers, and make quick and easy cash payments to consumers. It is also used as a digital loyalty scheme, a subscription management solution, and more.

The system is not only completely secure; it is simple. It operates using the same equipment that retailers already use to take card payments, or accept loyalty cards. This means that no new software or hardware is needed to accept i-movo secure digital vouchers. A single, simple configuration is all that is required, and takes just a few days to implement.

Having processed over 12 million vouchers, worth over £150 million, at nearly 60,000 locations, our know-how and experience is unrivalled. This enables us to get to the heart of your requirements, quickly, and tailor a practical and effective solution to meet your objectives.