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The trouble with vouchers…

Marketing Week


Also ground-breaking is the latest offering from mobile marketing company i-movo, whose clients include All Bar One , Cuervo and Nectar. i-movo ‘s mobile marketing platform issues a mobile “voucher”, containing an individual identification number that is delivered  a consumer’ s mobile phone using text messages . Each number is checked at point of purchase using the retailers’ existing EPOS or payment terminal devices, and the electronic nature of the transaction ensures that the voucher cannot be used more times than is permitted by the retailer and is limited to participating retailers within the duration of the promotion.  As the system is paperless, the retailer is refunded with the cost of the goods or promotion very quickly , and administration time and cost are greatly reduced. Marketing professionals also benefit, as detailed reports and analysis are available in real time and results can be tracked as they happen.


According to i-movo managing director David Tymm, previous attempts to offers secure mobile marketing have been slow to be adopted as they have not been able to operate with existing equipment at the point of purchase and have required high levels of capital investment . He says: ” i-movo mobile vouchers can be accepted in any retail establishment that operates electronic payments . Our solutions are built on industry standard platforms and are easily transportable to other areas of the world using the same principles ”

While this modern approach has been welcomed by many  some have found it intrusive . However , in the war against voucher misuse, direct communication to mobiles maybe the most effective solution. After all, it does help ensure communication with and use by the intended recipient.  In the end, technology could win through.

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