What we do

What we do

i-movo provide a single, simple solution, which delivers ‘Secure Digital Vouchers’ via any media such as mobile phone, email, direct mail and payment cards that can be easily integrated into any campaign.

The system is fully proven and guarantees complete security. It also provides valuable insight into consumer behaviour than can be used to increase loyalty and can act as the basis for future campaigns.

How we do it

The system uses the same equipment that retailers already use to take card payments or accept loyalty cards. Retailers do not need any new software or hardware to accept i-movo digital vouchers, just a configuration change that takes only a few days to implement.

Each i-movo secure digital voucher is unique and is generated using our own set of algorithms and distributed using any media. Each voucher is checked at the point of use against a secure database, to give complete visibility of when, where and how each voucher is used. This ensures that vouchers cannot be used more times than intended, after they have expired or at an invalid location. This protects you against fraud and financial loss, whilst giving you access to the data required to assess your campaign quickly and accurately.