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DLG and i-movo combine to bring greater precision and accountability to SMS marketing

The UK’s most innovative secure digital voucher specialists, i-movo, have significantly extended the accessibility of their services, by collaborating with DLG (formerly Data Locator Group), the UK’s largest provider of opted-in, personally volunteered lifestyle data.

The joint partnership brings significant added value to the current i-movo voucher proposition for its branded partners, by providing a critical enhancement opportunity.   It enables users to have their SMS voucher-campaign responders matched to individuals on DLG’s databases, and unlock a wealth of detailed characteristics and demographics which would otherwise have been unavailable to them.   Identifying responder-types, segmenting by demographic and analysing key characteristics, are all invaluable for subsequent brand marketing.  Furthermore, look-a-like prospects can be identified from DLG’s massive pool of mobile consumers, for pinpoint targeting of future SMS campaigns.

As well as phone numbers for SMS campaigns, mail and email addresses and land-line telephone numbers are also available.  DLG’s ‘Consumer Lifestyles’ questionnaires deliver data from over 100,000 fresh, opted-in and unduplicated consumer prospects each month.  This is achieved through a nationwide distribution programme, which is the UK’s only truly multi-channel collection of printed, on-line and telephone-conducted surveys.  The volume, depth and accuracy of the information are second to none, making it the UK’s largest source of freshly harvested consumer data.

With detailed information on around seventeen million individual records, DLG’s client list includes many blue-chip organisations such as Barclays, Vodafone and The Telegraph.   DLG pioneered consumer tele-survey collection in 1999, but has expanded in recent years into the digital space through their interactive networks.  The recency, detail and intuitivism of DLG’s data provides response rates to campaigns which are typically three to four times higher than data supplied by competitors.

In summary, DLG and i-movo will provide clients with an integrated service to contact appropriately identified consumers in accurately targeted market segments, via SMS.   Furthermore, they will profile campaign responders against an array of data, in order to fully understand the individual lifestyle characteristics of those people.   They will provide answers to the key questions posed by SMS marketing campaigns: Who responds to a campaign? Who goes on to buy the product?  Which consumers may be receptive to the same offer?

“There is an overwhelming need for this service” said David Tymm CEO of i-movo,  “Other SMS services of this kind retain data ownership; fearing that this data may become available to their competitors, many brands understandably avoid using them.  But by maintaining full separation between use and ownership of source data, i-movo and DLG have fully addressed these concerns”

This view is supported by Wane Borg of DLG: “Our approach combines i-movo’s proven ability to track SMS vouchers through to point of purchase with minimal impact on retail systems, with the delivery of unrivalled insight into the lifestyles of responding consumers.  This in turn allows more brands to run even more, better-targeted campaigns, thus achieving higher redemption rates and improved return on investment”.

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