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Just grand

07 March 2014 • Retail Newsagent London newsagent Rahul Patel is £1,000 better off after scooping the cash prize in a competition organised by The Guardian.

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Better digital dosh

07 February 2014 • Retail Newsagent With new and improved parcel collections, single daily settlements, smart payments and digital vouchers, electronic payment companies say their 2013 investment has gone a long way to address retailers’ concerns about the value of their services. Noli Dinkovski reports

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Opinion: Your say

10 January 2014 • Retail Newsagent Are digital vouchers for newspapers beginning to cut the burden of counting, returns and missed credit associated with paper vouchers?

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£1,000 up for grabs with Guardian drive

03 January 2014 • Retail Newsagent The Guardian is encouraging retailers to sign up to appear on an approved list of stores which accept digital vouchers by offereing the chance to win £1,000.

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Everyone wins with digital

03 January 2014 • Retail Newsagent Digital vouchers will revolutionise the publishing industry because they offer benefits to readers, publishers and retailers.

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