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What are Secure Digital Vouchers?

i-movo’s Secure Digital Vouchers are unique codes, distributed using any media representing monetary value, validated at point-of-use in real-time to prevent illicit use backed by a single, secure redemption and settlement process and used for a variety of commercial applications.


Why Digital Vouchers?


Digital vouchers are completely secure

With the i-movo system, each voucher is checked at the point of use. This means that the voucher can only be used for the intended product or service, and only if it is valid. Vouchers can be cancelled or refunded up until the point of use, giving you and your customers complete flexibility whilst also ensuring your money is secure.


Digital vouchers enable data-driven decisions

Clients can easily check to see where and how their issued vouchers are being used. You can create efficient campaigns, whether you are running a retail voucher campaign or issuing benefits to citizens.

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Digital vouchers are fully accessible

You do not need access to a bank account to redeem an i-movo digital voucher. They can be distributed by every medium, whether that’s a mobile phone, through the post, via a plastic card or on email. What’s more, it is easy to create a digital voucher using the i-movo system so a carer, a friend or family member can go out and do your shopping.

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Digital vouchers protect access to cash

Using the i-movo system, you can withdraw cash from more locations than the entire ATM network combined. This can be used for easy refunds to services like bottle deposit schemes and other activities. By withdrawing cash from local newsagents, restaurants and other retailers, the i-movo system supports the local economy as well as the citizens.

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i-movo is the UK’s leading secure digital voucher system, having processed over 20 million transactions worth in excess of £400 million. 

The service enables vouchers to be distributed by SMS, email, direct mail or mag-stripe card, and are accepted by over 60,000  retailers as a trusted form of payment.

Established in 2003, the company has delivered over 1,800 campaigns for more than 200 clients across various sectors including Banking, Consumer Goods, Government, Newspaper Publishing, Retail & Utilities and is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a Small Payments Institution.

After over ten years of working closely with i-movo on various high profile and award-winning schemes, PayPoint plc announced their intention to acquire i-movo. Following FCA approval, i-movo became a PayPoint company on 25 November 2020.

PayPoint CEO Nick Wiles subsequently commented that: "David Tymm and his team bring expertise in consumer marketing and subscription schemes together with a broad track record of innovation in alternative payments. We are delighted to have the i-movo team join the PayPoint Group”. According to David "The market has wanted a major company to establish a single standard that brands and retailers could get behind with confidence so they could begin to phase out paper vouchers and reap the benefits of digitisation. We have always seen i-movo as representing that standard and we are thrilled to become part of PayPoint as their support, market presence and reputation makes this long-held ambition achievable".


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