Grolsch Beer Campaign Takes Interactivity To New And Mysterious Levels

25 July 2012 • Huffington Post Blog

The new Grolsch advert is uniquely interactive. It begins with the camera moving along a bar at which sits a grizzled, Trilby-wearing man. “So, you’ve found Journt, the Netherland’s most notorious police officer,” growls the voiceover.

Journt throws a business card on the bar that bears his name and a phone number.

The voiceover continues: “The man who never speaks, hears everything. Text him your name, and if it sounds familiar, he’ll buy you a beer.”

Now, this is where proceedings take a turn for the unique. Text him your name – or in fact any name you care to make up – and something very, well, cool happens.

Seriously, try it. He just wants to buy you a drink, apparently.

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