Speeding up that Final Mile

Saving time for newsagents and saving money for publishers: Telegraph Delivers a Major Boost for Convenience Retailers

Chosen by the Telegraph to work with GT News, i-movo and PayPoint have developed a process whereby a day’s work for a retailer can be condensed into the time it takes to swipe a credit card through a payment terminal…

“The retailers who deliver the Telegraph to our readers are a vital part of our business and, with the i-movo/PayPoint scheme, we have shown how we can make their lives easier by saving them time as well as getting them paid more promptly.” So said Martin Harris, Subscriptions Manager at Telegraph Media Group, as the Telegraph became the first newspaper in the UK to use a national payment network as an alternative to traditional paper vouchers for paying newsagents for home deliveries.

Each participating GT News outlet was sent a branded plastic card with instructions on the front and a magnetic stripe on the reverse. Swiping the card generated a receipt that stated how much that retailer had earned for that week’s deliveries. Within six days the retailer received payment from PayPoint detailed on their commission statement.

Graeme Merifield of GT News said, “Many revolutionary initiatives mean a learning curve and a period where “pain” is felt before “gain” is experienced. This one didn’t. It was simple for our staff to understand and operate and it saved them time from the word ‘go’. From a management point of view, we could see that all payments were being claimed promptly and the settlement process via PayPoint was seamless.”

Retail Strategy Director at PayPoint, Mike Igoe, said, “With 99.1% of the UK population in urban areas being within one mile of one of our retailers, and five miles in rural areas, and the resurgence of the Convenience Retail sector, the time is right for the newspaper and publishing industries to consider PayPoint and i-movo as their natural partners for fulfilling subscriptions for their readers.”

To receive a copy of the forthcoming case study describing this campaign in more detail, please send an email to info@i-movo.com with TMG in the subject line.

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