Start-up Round Up

New Media Age

Proposition: i-movo has been set up as a separate company by interactive agency Conchango to develop mobile couponing applications and services . The company is owned 70% by Conchango and 30% by Tymm. The separate company status means that, in addition to working with Conchango clients, other interactive agencies are one of i-movo’s routes to market. The company says its unique proposition in the crowded mobile couponing market is that it offers a full range of redemption mechanisms, ranging from over the phone, to card payment networks, to dedicated terminals installed in a retailer’s premises . The company claims to have three companies signed up to begin trials: a loyalty scheme operator, a group of retailers, and a consumer packaged goods manufacturer .

Revenue streams: Service charge on each message handled plus SMS margins and consultancy fees.

Funding: Privately funded.

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